Excerpt #14, Rocking-Chair Moon

Expecting a Call

Grandma hasn’t come to visit us
for a long, long time,
and Mom says she’s not feeling well enough
for us to go see her
in her big yellow house,
so I’ve been wishing and praying
that she’ll call us on the phone
like she used to almost every day,

but Dad says she’s
kind of too under the weather
for that, too, so we’re just hoping
she gets out from under the weather soon,
and while we’re waiting,
Mom gives Carly and me
each this picture of Grandma
before she got skinny
to put on our bedside tables,
and it’s a nice smiling picture,

and Dad says some people think
a picture is worth a thousand words,
although with Grandma that would
probably be
a thousand big wonderful words,
but I don’t care about a thousand big words,
wonderful or not,
I just want to answer the phone
and hear Grandma say my name and
three little ones.

One Response to “Excerpt #14, Rocking-Chair Moon

  • Cindy Horst
    6 months ago

    Three little ones. Too much, Mr. Patneaude.