Author Visits


I teach in a Title I, grades 1-5 school in the Mukilteo School District, WA. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Dave work with our kids for several years. He has never disappointed me, other staff, and more importantly, the children we serve!

Many of our students struggle with visualizing themselves as writers and readers, but Dave gives them that dream! I’ve had students come back from past years and tell me Dave made them believe they too could be authors. Because of him, academics have taken a higher priority in their young lives!”

Martine Wayman
Mukilteo School District

School Visits

Larger groups/assemblies

“Marathons and Manuscripts”—some insights into David’s life as a writer, his writing process, and books, through discussion, slides, and audience-participation activities. Depending on the time allotted, David tries to allow space for a short reading as well as Q&A.


  • Basic idea development and writing workshop with discussion and exercises
  • Revision workshop with individual and group exercises
  • Haiku writing workshop with individual and group haiku writing
  • Historical fiction writing workshop
  • Mystery writing workshop
  • Critical reading workshop (reading and critiquing from a writer’s point of view)


Schools can pre-order David’s books from the publishers or local bookstores and make them available prior to his visit. He’s entirely flexible on when, where, and how many he signs, and is more than happy to say hello to the kids who’ve bought a book.

Lunch with young readers

Some schools choose kids to sit down with David for an order-in lunch, giving them an additional opportunity to ask questions of David.

Skype Visits

Skype visits are an economical yet fun way to bring David to your school or library!

For information regarding author visits, please contact Michele Kophs.