“David Patneaude has done it again with this explosive anti-war book to end all anti-war books. It is a terrific read from the first word to the last."

—Roland Smith, author of Peak, Zach's Lie, and Cryptid Hunters

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David Patneaude

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“The most rewarding part of the whole thing is the What then? questions. I know I’ve done my job as a writer of fiction if a reader who has finished one of my stories asks me a What then? question. What happened to Bud and Clover? Who is Peter living with now? Did the ghost ever come back to Phantom Limb Park? Did the bullies try to get even with Josh? What happened to Joe after he left the internment camp? Did Rex have to go to jail? Did anyone ever find the meteorite again?

I don’t tell them it’s ‘just’ fiction. The stories and characters are as real to me as they are to the reader. Maybe more real. I’ve lived with them for years, after all, seen them go through tough times, grow and change. And I still often wonder to myself what they’re up to now. I still hope to find out.”

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