Dark Starry Morning

Dark Starry Morning

Albert Whitman & Company, 1995

Stories of this world and beyond.

Doors are opened for the young people in the six stories in this book. The only trouble is, those doors lead to the unknown… Take Tommy and Eleanor, whose morning school bus ride becomes an invitation to eternity. Or Lisa, biking through a thunderstorm to ask the perfect twin of Jimi Hendrix to visit her dying aunt. And then there is Isaac, whose chances of winning the statewide cross-country meet may depend on a trainer who isn’t exactly “all here.”

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“If there is life after death, or aliens, or strange powers, this is their ideal form: a comfort and blessing to the living. Charming stories, these have the spooky premises to grab horror fans, and will hold them with the promise of something better than blood and gore.”  —Kirkus Reviews

“Readers too young for Stephen King will find satisfaction in these six tales in which the encounters with the unknown are beneficent yet still mildly eerie.”  —Booklist

  • 1996-1997 Kansas State Reading Circle Recommended Reading List
  • Best Books, San Mateo Reading Association