Deadly Drive

Deadly Drive

Albert Whitman & Company, 2005

Nine years ago, a hit-and-run driver killed Casey’s mother.

Casey swears revenge if she finds out the identity of the driver. Every year on the anniversary of her mother’s death, Casey receives an anonymous envelope full of money. Is it blood money—from her mother’s killer? Casey, who shares her mother’s passion for basketball, spends time with her beloved neighbor, Megan. When it looks like Megan’s computer might contain a clue to the identity of her mother’s killer, Casey feels confused and betrayed.

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“In classic sports-story fashion, Patneaude tucks subplots involving friendship issues and family tragedy around plenty of high-velocity basketball action…Readers will be pulled into the old mystery when new hints surface that someone close to Casey has been keeping secrets, but it’s the hard-fought, well-described games, founded on clear demonstrations of the value of practice and teamwork, that will be the strongest draw.”  —Booklist

  • 2007-2008 Mark Twain Award Nominee (MO)