Time Flies


Daylight savings this past weekend. Didn’t we just fall back, like yesterday? I remember when old people I knew (my parents, for instance) used to tell me that time was actually flying by for them. I didn’t know what they were talking about, and obviously they didn’t, either.

I was spending my days in a classroom with nuns giving me the evil eye while I eyed the clock on the wall with its second hand barely inching around clockwise and the other two not moving at all, at least as far as I could see. The school day lasted a month, the school year lasted ten years, the week leading up to Christmas felt like a lifetime. Even summer vacation seemed to last forever.

Now, of course, I get it. Now that I’m one of those old people, life’s a blur. That T-shirt that reads “So many___(fill in the blank), so little time,” makes perfect sense. And with me, I can think of lots of things to fill in the blank with. One of them is books, of course. So many. So many good ones–and great ones–waiting for me to open up the cover (or the e-reader) and read that first sentence.

And then there’s writing. I have so many ideas, characters, stories in my head and so little time to get them down on paper. I’ve gotta learn to work faster, I guess, but can we get time to slow down for a while? I’ve got some writing to do!

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